With the latest technology in 3D modelling, texturing and lighting, we can create products and items that do not exist in real life yet, such as your idea for a new gadget, or a concept for a building, and place it in a real environment.
We can create a photo studio environment, so that you can have picture perfect imaages, or indeed videos, of your ideas and concepts, before they are manufactured or built.
This is a great way of showing future investors your inventions, or showing your clients their new building, in a real and tangible way


Using the latest 3D animation, your product, or project can be shown to your clients, investors and friends in a dynamic and clear light. Showing anything from complex mechanics of how your project or business works, to light hearted illustration of your product in action.
The animation can be anything from an informative, modern clean style, through fairytale story telling, to a full scale television commercial
It is an invaluable asset to businesses showing their wares and can be part of a presentation to a full scale self contained commercial for use on television or youtube.

Product Rendering

slide2 Clear visuals are often needed to show a product off to best advantage.
3D illustration for use in presentations, printed material and on websites can be far superioir to traditional photography as it can go where no camera can go.
Products can be lit and placed to create a phot-realistic image in a 3D environment, but allow the “virtual camera” to achieve difficult angles to a stunning effect.
We can also use 3D models of products to show the inner workings, such as to show an engine and suspension system within a car

Architectural Rendering

Architects have always used 3D representations to help show clients and planners their concepts and developments.
With modern techniques in both rendering and physics within the 3D virtual environment, we can offer photorealism second to none, along with those convincing little extras such as subtle curtains blowing in the wind, or rippling water in a garden scape.
A walkthrough a kitchen where the tap turns on and has “real” water coming out, and through a sunny window, a white muslin curtain can be seen to gently sway in the wind, is enough to sway any client or planner into seeing your project just as you know it can be.